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Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself Mentally and Physically?

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Whether you want to take boxing classes or get High-Quality boxing equipment, GHH has it all for you. Gorilla Heavy Hitters has a team of experienced professional fighters & coaches ready to teach you the discipline and dedication you need to be successful inside and outside the ring. We also host boxing fights for amateurs and professionals so that you get an opportunity to see what our training can lead to.

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Gorilla Heavy Hitters Fight Team of Professionals and Amateurs

Our team of trainers is dedicated to helping future fighters build and refine their skills for competitive boxing fights. We've trained a variety of fighters including:

Professional fighters

  • Conrad S. Martinez

  • Pedro S. Martinez

Amateur fighters

  • Iram Sanchez
  • CJ Rodriquez
  • Seth Vasquez
  • Jacob Martinez
  • Jensen Rodriquez
  • Emiliano Camacho
  • Ariel Lares
  • Jonathan Armendariz
  • Elijah Carrasco
  • Aleah Carrasco
  • Lil G Garcia
  • Jalen Rios
  • Jaden Perkins
  • Jackie Perkins
  • Vinny Caballero
  • Joel Vasquez
  • Anthony Cruz
  • EJ Hernandez
  • Navaeh Martinez
  • Perdo Martinez
  • Oscar Lares
  • Michael Villa
  • Diego Meraz
  • Carter aka Creed Gonzales
  • Matthew Sanchez
  • Avian Martinez
  • Abraham Pinon

Do you have what it takes for professional boxing? Visit our boxing gym today to find out.

5 good reasons you should join our boxing gym

Wondering why over 75 boxers train at our Odessa, TX boxing gym? We take pride in what we do here at GHH. We train to be the best and compete at the highest level.

  • We're family owned and operated
  • We have over 20 years of boxing experience
  • We have a passion for boxing and love teaching it
  • We'll help you advance as far as you want to go as a boxer
  • We've trained a variety of professional and amateur fighters

Call us at 432-352-4682 now if you want to get into competitive boxing.